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At Keyin College, we answer questions every day from adult learners. People like you, who want to learn more about completing their grade 12*. No sales pitch, no commitment, just straightforward answers. Helping people figure it out is what we do.

• Can I do it?
• Will it be harder, now that I’ve been away from school for a while?
• Can I learn to study again?
• Who will be in the class?
• Are we all learning the same thing?
• How can I afford to pay?
• How long will it take?

We’re here to help!

The more people ask, the more they learn about how completing high school could work for them, and the better they feel about their decisions. So click the contact us button, or call us at 1-833-grade12. We’re here to help.


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*, is an adult high school learning program of Keyin College. Our government approved curriculum includes Adult Basic Education (ABE) levels I II and III. Graduation from ABE level III is a recognized grade 12 equivalency for adult learners. For more information on ABE, visit the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador at


Once you’re finished Grade 12, you can start career training for a better future!

Completing all of your high school courses is the first step to career training and a better life. Once you complete the program, your opportunities are endless.

Would you like to help others in a healthcare setting? Do you have a mind for business? Do your organizational skills make you a great fit for office administration? Maybe your hands-on style will lead you to a career in the trades! Whatever area is right for you, you’ll be one step closer once you receive your high school equivalency.